Funston Company is a locally owned and operated site construction company that has been in business for 30+ years. Funston Company is based out of Leland, NC and services developers, general contractors and municipalities throughout southeastern North Carolina.

Funston Company has extensive experience and uses cutting edge technology to efficiently compete projects in a timely manner. We utilize a large, well maintained equipment fleet along with highly trained operators, laborers, and supervision to ensure quality workmanship in a cost effective manner.

Reynolds Miars

Reynolds Miars has been with us at Funston Company since March of 2013. For the past 8 years, he has embraced who we are and what we do. At Funston Company, we pride ourselves on workmanship and complete projects promptly for our clients. Reynolds proudly upholds that standard and brings over 18 years of professional experience managing worksites that provide the building blocks for some of the top residential and commercial developments in the region.

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We are a trusted name in Southeastern North Carolina development for over 30 years. Using a variety of heavy, commercial equipment and cutting-edge technology, we place quality and precision at the forefront of our work. Our crews are professionally trained and have ample experience. From grading to utilities, our work is superior. Hard work, accountability, and excellent service are what drive our mission to be the best in commercial civil construction.

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At Funston Company, we focus on maintaining safe jobsites and preventing potentially hazardous situations. Proper training helps us prevent incidents on sites, which reduces downtime and prevents project delays. This has a positive influence on our company’s performance.

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Funston has worked with leading contractors and developers throughout Southeastern North Carolina. Our clients can count on exceptional workmanship, superb communication, and deadlines being met on time. Working with us ensures a commercial site is completed efficiently with the highest standards. We have experienced personnel, an impeccable safety record and a history of successful projects.

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